Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SALVE: Women on War and Warriorship

Littleglobe and the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) present Salve: Women on War and Warriorship on Saturday, March 6, 8 pm at the Albuquerque Journal Theater at the NHCC. Part of Women & Creativity Month 2010, SALVE is dedicated to New Mexico veterans and their families, veterans organizations and hospitals, and the many veterans outreach services that support returning war vets.

Salve is a spoken word and musical performance that explores the insights, perspectives, and reflections of women who are returned war veterans. The performance allows us to bear witness to the lives and sacrifices of warriors and their families, the realities of returning to life after military service, and the costs of war on everyone.

The spoken and sung text of the performance comes directly from interviews with women war vets and from poems/responses by Santa Fe Poet Laureate Valerie Martínez. Salve integrates composed and improvisational musical structures, poetry, personal stories, and songs composed by BING (led by Molly Sturges and Chris Jonas). BING draws from a wide palette of sounds including 1970s Ethiopian pop, Indonesian hybrids, American funk, Klezmer, Balkan jazz, indie-rock, 1960s American experimental, and jazz.

Excerpts from Salve: “I’m always checking my doors, locking my doors, worried about little things. When I’m getting ready to fall asleep, if I hear a sound outside, I’m up all night, waiting. There are so many things every day. Overpasses scare me--I want to swerve to the other lane.” “Little mistakes can get someone killed. That was instilled in us—life or death. I had a drill instructor who used to say, ‘Every mistake you make, well it’s not you who has to write the letter; it’s not you who gets the letter.’”

Women & Creativity Month is organized and presented by the National Hispanic Cultural Center in partnership with more than 40 organizations, artists, writers, and independently owned businesses with events in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. March 2010 is filled with over 50 exhibitions, performances, workshops, readings, and discussions focused on women and creativity. For a full list of events, visit the NHCC/Women & Creativity site at www.nhccnm.org.

Tickets are $12 general admission, $10 seniors and students, and available at Ticketmaster outlets, www.ticketmaster.com and in person at the NHCC box office: 505-724-4771.

For more information, contact Chris Jonas, 505-670-4364, chris@littleglobe.org

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